May 27, 2022

Before getting into the History of Cakes let’s discuss in brief the history of baking, as cakes are only baked. Baking is an art that brings out something delicious that is pleasant to the taste buds. Baking is a cooking method that uses long dry heating. It can be done on hot ashes, hot stones, or ovens (modern period). Heat transfer from the surface of the batter to the center in the process of baking — the perfect transferring of heat results in baked goods. Around 2500 B.C., records show that the Egyptians learned the process of baking bread from the Babylonians. About Baking Establishments the First Bakery was In Paris the first open-air café’ of baked goods. The Egyptians developed the first ovens. The earliest known examples are cylindrical vessels made of baked Nile clay, tapered at the top to give a cone shape and divided inside by a horizontal shelf-like partition. The lower section is the firebox, the upper section is the baking chamber. And the journey of baking continues till date.

Ancient Egyptian Clay Ovens

The Journey Of Cakes.

 During the Ancient Greek period, bread & cakes were often confused and didn’t have much of a distinguishing factor. It all started as bread and the discovery of butter, eggs, sugar & honey lead to sweet cake-type inventions (sweet bread) called “satura”.  Later Italians in the 16th century developed the art of adding whipped eggs to the batter. Although both methods produced lighter cakes these were time-consuming and hence by mid-1800 Baking powder and Bicarbonate Soda were invented. Over the years Greeks gave us cheesecakes and French the gateaux.

In earlier days Baking was a luxury owing to expensive ingredients and the oven was not a piece of equipment that everyone had at home. From the 16th century, as globalization grew, ingredients prices dropped, cookbooks were published and In the 19th century, affordable  Masonry Oven came into the picture it was a  brick oven or stone oven, which is an oven consisting of a baking chamber made of fireproof brick, concrete, stone, or clay.

Masonry oven

Cake Journey In India

“In November 1883  Mambally Bapu made the first cake in India at Thalassery in his Royal Biscuit Factory founded in 1880,”  There was only one bakery other than this in the country then. In the 1800s when Mr. Brown, a British man who owned cinnamon plantations asked Baputti to make a cake and gave him the recipe. Baputti agreed and made one of the finest cakes! After this, his bakery started making cakes eventually exporting his delicacies to different parts of the world.

Baking In The Modern Age

Electric and Gas Ovens came into the role in the Modern Age. Commercial ovens are assembled with two elements. Now bakers operate the machine carefully and the rest work of the baking is done by automated machines. The high-tech machines have made the work easier and produced more quality products. The process of baking is a sensitive work that needs a lot of expertise and knowledge of different scientific principles.

Presently different cakes are available as per occasions like birthday cakes, wedding cakes, baby shower cake and many more. The cake is an extraordinary thing without which every celebration is colorless. You can’t rightly have a birthday or a wedding without a delicious cake.