Cakes are one of the best desserts created and an important part of every occasion. That means that there are differences between them according to the different tastes of people. And cakes are one of the most flexible fare items. You can make a cake with many things, in different designs and also a lot of different flavors. Different types of cakes give a lot of options to people when it comes to buying for special occasions. Be it birthday cake ideas or anniversary cake ideas, there are specific cakes for every occasion. And not only that many cake flavors work for every occasion.

When it comes to cake flavors there are endless possibilities. From the most common chocolate and vanilla cakes to special cakes like coffee or Rasmalai. You can find a variety of cake flavors and choose one that suits your taste buds best. And not only that many of these flavors have special meanings for special occasions. Like a chocolate cake, be it a Romantic Day or Valentine‚Äôs Day. With many options, there also comes the task of choosing the best cake. 

So here are the types of cakes list that you can utilize to pick the best cake for your special occasions: