by Divya on Posted on May 27, 2022 Today, Theme cakes are the newest fashion for any celebration, whether it is a wedding anniversary, a wedding celebration, a birthday celebration, any company anniversary celebration, a baby shower celebration, or anything else. The degree of originality has not only extended to sectors such as fine arts and design but has …

History Of Cakes

May 27, 2022
Before getting into the History of Cakes let’s discuss in brief the history of baking, as cakes are only baked. Baking is an art that brings out something delicious that is pleasant to the taste buds. Baking is a cooking method that uses long dry heating. It can be done on hot ashes, hot stones, or ovens (modern period). Heat transfer from the surface of the batter to the center in the process of baking — the perfect transferring of heat results in baked goods. Around 2500 B.C., records show that the Egyptians learned the process of baking bread from the Babylonians.